Creating Campaigns

Abandoned cart recovery relies on creating campaigns; each campaign can contain one or more recovery emails.

  • Campaign: A campaign is a way of grouping recovery emails together. Campaigns are useful for creating a specific set of emails for sales, holidays, other events, or for your default recovery emails. You can turn campaigns on or off to use the emails within that campaign.
  • Recovery Email: A recovery email must belong to a campaign. You can customize the content and design of a recovery email, determine when it should be sent after a cart is abandoned, and if it should be sent automatically or not (helpful for drafting emails).

Add Campaigns

You can access campaigns under the "Campaigns" menu in the app. If you already have campaigns, you'll see a list of campaigns along with an overview of emails for each one. Here you can add new campaigns, turn existing ones on or off, and add new recovery emails to the campaign.

To add a new campaign:

Click "+ New campaign" in the top right.

Name your new campaign, then click "Create Campaign".


You'll see 3 email templates automatically created for your campaign that follow industry best practices for recovery emails. You can edit or delete these emails as desired.

When you're done editing them, you can change them to "Send automatically" to start using them.

Enable or Disable Campaigns

You can create as many campaigns as you'd like when you start using Jilt. This can be helpful to create campaigns for default emails, holidays, or sales to change the content of your recovery emails (for example, to create a sense of urgency as your sale ends).

If a campaign is "On", its recovery emails will be sent automatically (if enabled). If a campaign is "Off", none of its recovery emails will be sent. This lets you selectively enable or disable campaigns as needed without having to constantly update your recovery emails.

You can toggle campaigns on or off in two locations:


From your list located at the "Campaigns" menu:


While viewing a single campaign (by clicking on its name):

Recovery Emails

Now that you have some campaigns set up, you may want to  read more about managing recovery emails.

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