Outbound Emails

Jilt will track your outbound recovery emails and show you the status of each email under the "Outbound Emails" menu.

This will show you the status, delivery date and time, associated order, customer, and campaign for each email. 

The order record will use the Jilt order record. For a recovered order, this will use your WooCommerce order number or ID. For an abandoned order, it will use the placeholder Jilt ID. You can view more details about an order by clicking the order name / link.

Outbound Email Statuses

There are 4 statuses for outbound emails:

  • Scheduled: A scheduled email is queued for sending for a recoverable order, but has not yet been sent to the customer.
  • Emailed: An email that has already been delivered to the customer.
  • Aborted: An aborted email will not be sent to the customer. An email can move from "scheduled" to "aborted" for a few reasons:
    • the campaign or email was disabled after the email was scheduled, but before it was sent
    • the customer unsubscribed to emails for this order after it was scheduled
    • the customer unsubscribed from all recovery emails
  • Holding: Emails are held if your trial has ended but you've not added billing details to move forward with a live Jilt account. This email will be sent to the account owner instead of the customer, as customer emails will not resume until the account is activated.

Filter Emails

If you'd like to view emails based on their status or by the campaign they belong to, you can use the filtering controls at the top of the emails list. Select the email status and / or campaign, then click "Filter" to get a filtered list of outbound emails.

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