What features does Jilt offer?

Jilt helps you recover lost revenue from abandoned carts. When you sign up for Jilt, you'll have a 14-day free trial before you need to add your billing details and determine if the app is the right fit for your store! Throughout this trial period, we're happy to help you set up campaigns or answer any questions about the app you may have.

When you use Jilt, you can:

  • Create an unlimited number of campaigns, making it easy to vary which recovery emails are sent to customers.
  • Add as many recovery emails as you'd like to each campaign.
  • Schedule when recovery emails should be sent after a cart has been abandoned.
  • Send recovery emails to both registered and guest customers to save sales.
  • Track abandoned and recovered orders for your store.
  • Include unique one-time discount codes in your recovery emails to increase conversions.

Our goal is the same as your goal: to help your store recover as much abandoned revenue as possible, so we're happy to help you improve your campaigns and recovery emails to save lost sales and increase your revenue.

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