If you have orders that were previously abandoned but haven't been assigned to a recovery campaign, you can reach out and recover some lost revenue by creating a new Ongoing Campaign.

Unassigned orders occur:

  • While your Ongoing Campaign is paused or turned off
  • Prior to your Jilt installation (note: an import of abandonments from the past 30 days is currently only available for new Shopify stores)

Assign Historic Carts to a New Campaign

Let's start by logging into your account and navigating to your Campaigns screen.

From here, any unassigned orders will be mentioned in a statement at the top of the screen like so:

To start recovering some of these sales, we'll click the +Create your first campaign button if you're new to Jilt.

Or the +New Campaign button if you've been using Jilt for awhile.

Enter a name for your campaign and click the Create Campaign button. 

Nice work! You've now created a recovery campaign that can reach out to your past abandoned orders in addition to all new ones going forward. 

Remember: You must turn your campaign "on" before Jilt will start sending recovery emails.

Customize Your Campaign

From here, we can:

  1. Click through to the email editor to adjust the email's contents, preview, and send a test email
  2. Modify the campaign's timings
  3. Add additional emails to the campaign

Start Sending Recovery Emails

Ready to send emails to your past and future abandoned orders? Great! 

Click the Go Live button next to the campaign name. A confirmation modal will pop up:

Confirm you'd like to Activate campaign by clicking the button and your recovery emails will start sending out according to your campaign's settings.

Next Steps

Learn more about recovery email best practices

Have any questions about retroactively contacting abandoned orders? Get in touch with us - we're here to help :)

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