Jilt can automatically create one-time use coupon codes (we call them Dynamic Discounts) so each customer receives a unique code. You can have peace of mind that the coupon is not being shared across coupon forums.

Plus, Jilt takes care of syncing the discount to your store, with all of it's settings (eg. minimum order amount and expiry date). You don't need to add any other discounts to your store's discount or coupon list, or make any adjustments manually.

Create a new discount code

1. Log into your Jilt account and select the Discounts menu item.

2. Now click either the +Create your first discount or +New discount button.

Create your first discount if you haven't used the dynamic discounts feature before

Use the New discount button if you already have a discount or two in your account

3. For each discount, you can set the below properties.

  • Name: How the discount is identified in Jilt (eg. "20% off" or "Free shipping")
  • Type: Choose whether the discount offer is a percentage, a fixed amount, or for free shipping
  • Amount: Specify the dollar amount or percentage off (eg. enter "10" for 10% off or $10 off) 
  • Valid for: Enter the number of days the discount will be valid after it is first sent
  • Minimum order price: Limit the discount offer to orders meeting a certain subtotal (eg. only valid for orders over $50)

Fill out the discount property fields

4. Once you've entered the required fields, along with any additional properties, click the Create Discount button. You'll be greeted with:

Next steps

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