We've written about the benefits of including discounts in recovery emails, as well as when to include discounts in recovery emails. Here we'll cover how to offer discounts in order to drive purchases and increase revenue. You can offer a static, existing coupon code, or send a dynamically generated coupon code with Jilt.

Let's get couponing!

Add a static discount to an email template

You can add a static, existing discount code to your emails that will be applied during cart recovery. This is helpful if you want to use the same discount code for all customers instead of generating a unique discount code.

For Shopify or Easy Digital Downloads stores, you'll use {{ order.checkout_url }}&discount=CODE  as your recovery URL. In any links back to your cart, including "complete your order" buttons, add &discount=CODE , where "CODE" is your coupon code from your store.

For WooCommerce stores, you can do the same thing, but you'll use {{ order.checkout_url }}&coupon=CODE  (with coupon  instead of discount ).

In either case, clicking this recovery button or URL will now rebuild the cart and automatically apply your configured coupon code.

Add an existing discount to an email template

If you've already followed the How do I create a discount code?, you'll already have a discount code that you'd like to add to an email template.

1. Open up the template in the email editor. We'll include the discount via the Discount Code component:

2. Drag-and-drop the component over into the email body and it adds the discount block to the contents. Here's a little video demonstrating the process:

Don't forget to Save Changes when you're done

Add a new discount to an email template

Haven't had a chance to create a discount yet as you've been busy getting the email design just right? We've got great news! You can create a new discount code and add it to the email all from the same screen 🎊  

1. Since you're already in the email editor, we'll drag-and-drop the Discount Code component over into the template like we did above. 

2. Under the Discount Settings, we'll select the +New discount link.

3. Fill out the discount properties. At a minimum we'll enter the Name, Type, and Amount.

Read more about each property in How do I create a discount code?

4. Click the Add Discount button when you're happy with it's setup. Remember to Save Changes before leaving the editor.

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