Are you looking to create a custom email to capture your customer's attention? With Jilt, and a bit of HTML coding skills, you can stand out in a busy inbox.

To get started, create a new campaign from the Automations screen. Then, open up the first email and scroll down to the lower right corner and click Import HTML Email...

A notification will pop up, letting us know that importing an HTML email is not reversible and we'll lose our previous changes:

We'll confirm the import by clicking Yes, switch to HTML. After a moment, the HTML editor will load where we can either work on the HTML code

Or Preview the layout:

Tips for building out the email in HTML

We use Liquid merge tags for personalizing the email contents (more on Liquid here) and have a list of the available tags under the Select your settings heading:

To include all of the customer's cart contents, we'll add the {{ order.line_items }}  tag to a "for" loop:

For example, our default email template uses the following loop for displaying the cart contents:

{% for line_item in order.line_items %}
{{ line_item.image | img_tag: 200, nil }}
{{ line_item.title }}
{{ line_item.quantity }} x {{ line_item.price | money }}
{% endfor %}

Remember to add HTML tags to the loop if you'd like to style the various elements.

One last thing is that the {{ footer }}  tag on line 23 of the editor is necessary to comply with the CAN-SPAM Act, the details of which can be changed via the Settings > Shop Settings screen.

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