It can be handy to receive a notification each time a customer is sent an email from Jilt, whether to see what sort of products are being abandoned or to keep a tab on how many emails are going out. 

Here we'll learn to use the BCC feature in Jilt to make sure a copy of each email is sent to your own inbox.

How does it work?

Each email template in Jilt includes a BCC email field under the Select your settings section:

BCC, also known as "blind carbon copy", allows you to send a hidden copy of an email. You can enter your email address in this field to receive a copy of the email every time one is sent to a customer (and the customer won't see that you've received the copy).

Getting started

  1. First, open up the email template in Jilt.
  2. Click Edit settings under the Select your settings section.
  3. Locate the BCC email field and enter an email address. If entering multiple addresses, make sure to separate each one with a comma (eg. ",").
  4. Once complete, make sure to Save Settings.

Repeat the above steps for each email you'd like to change. Afterwards, all future BCCs will be sent to the email address(es) as entered 🎉

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