Test mode allows you to send real, live emails without paying for additional contacts. It also allows you to connect a staging store to Jilt for testing purposes.

Test badges

For your live shop, Jilt will automatically add a “test” badge to orders and customers in the following circumstances:

  • the customer or order matches your Jilt account email
  • the email domain matches your shop domain

The benefit of the "test" badge is that these customers and orders are then excluded from your account's sending usage and all Dashboard statistics.

Test mode

We automatically detect test stores based on the domain name (such as staging.mysite.com or dev.mysite.com). You can also manually mark your store as being in test mode from the Settings screen: 

Test mode allows you to send test emails to people outside of your domain (like advisors or friends) without incurring any costs. You can make sure your shop browsing and email experience is configured exactly the way you want it before going live with Jilt on your production site. 

Test mode includes all of the same features that are available on the Live mode's free plan. 

What's the difference between Test mode and Live mode?

The major difference between Test mode and Live mode is that you can't be charged for any emails sent from the test store. This is especially useful if you decide to upgrade to our paid plan and will continue to test campaign emails from the staging site – the sending usage on the test store will never affect your account's overall usage.

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