Wondering how Jilt helps to know how effective your emails are? There are a couple methods we use to track email efficacy.

UTM parameters

For every email sent, Jilt will automatically append UTM parameters to links within your emails so that traffic generated from your emails will appear in Google Analytics reports. We automatically add the following parameters:

  • utm_source: jilt
  • utm_medium: email
  • utm_campaign: the Jilt campaign name
  • utm_content: the email subject

If you want to customize these parameters, you may do so -- Jilt will not override them if already set. If not set, then they will be added for you (for example, if you don't set utm_content, we will append it).

💡A quick tip for URLs generated via Liquid then: you'd want to append new parameters with &param=value  rather than ?param=value ! For example: {{ order.checkout_url }}&discount=STATIC_CODE 

Custom attribution tracking

Jilt also tracks opens, clicks, and attributed orders on its own via tracking links within emails and the JavaScript we load for each connected store. This allows us to ensure that, when a customer clicks on an email, we can follow that click through to a purchase, and attribute any new purchases to your campaign if they happen within 5 days of an email click.

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