Anyone with a paid Jilt account can add transactional notifications to their store (learn how to enable transactional notifications). This lets you customize email content for your receipts, shipment notifications, and more using Jilt's drag-and-drop email editor.

Add a transactional notification

While customization is really useful for your receipt and other transactional notification content, personalizing that content is also important! Not every customer is the same, so you shouldn't treat them identically.

Jilt lets you segment the audience for all transactional notifications, so different customers can match different versions of your notifications.

Alternate notification emails

Let's use receipt emails as an example: while every order should get a receipt, you may want to send one version of a receipt for an order with all virtual or digital items, a different version for unpaid orders, and a different version for paid orders. This lets you set expectations for the order directly in your email.

Jilt lets you do this by creating a default notification email and alternative notification emails. If a customer matches an alternative email (such as the virtual items email shown below), they will receive that version of your notification. Otherwise, if the customer or order does not match an alternates, they will receive the default notification.

This lets you ensure that all transactional emails are personalized effectively!

💡Be sure to "Go Live" with your alternative email once you're happy with it to start matching customers to this notification!

Here are some great examples our beta testers came up with for alternative notifications to get you started:

  • Send a different receipt to international customers that lets them know about expected shipping timelines.
  • Send different receipts for unpaid orders with instructions on how to complete payment.
  • Use a different receipt depending on product purchased to set expectations for shipping timeline — this has been really helpful for stores that sell customized products who need time to personalize them!
  • Change receipt content when an order does not need shipping, so that shipping addresses or details are not included in the receipt.
  • Change the shipping notification email content based on the product category purchased — this has helped sites that sell some items that require freight shipping, as they can include different delivery expectations.
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