Sending a welcome series is a great way to begin nurturing your relationship with a new subscriber. We can set this up in Jilt using a custom customer campaign that that triggers when a user registers on your site.

Follow the steps below to setup a welcome campaign:

1. Click Automations and select New campaign.

2. Select Custom customer campaign as the campaign type and enter a name for your campaign, such as "Welcome series". Then, click Create Campaign.

3. To target new users, click Add another rule > Customer details and add the following rules, which you can tweak as needed:

  • Registered customer at least 1 minute ago
  • Registered customer at most 1 hour ago
  • Customer accepts marketing is true

4. Ensure that your campaign rules are set so that customers cannot receive this campaign more than once - this is the default setting, but you can check it by selecting the cog icon ⚙️.

5. Design and schedule your emails! 🎉

Want to include a discount code in your welcome emails?
💸Support for dynamic discounts in this email type is coming soon! In the meantime, the best way to do that is to generate a static code in your store and then enter the code in the email editor.

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