We've written about the benefits of including discounts in recovery emails, as well as when to include discounts in recovery emails. Jilt can automatically create unique discount codes and manage syncing the discount to your store, making it easier than ever to include discounts in your emails.

Creating discount codes

You can create discount codes in Jilt, which can then be easily added to your email templates, by following the steps below:

  1. Go to Discounts and select New discount.
  2. Enter the discount details as needed - Name, Type (percentage discount, fixed amount discount, or free shipping) and Amount are required fields.
  3. Click Create Discount.

Adding discount codes to emails

Now that you've created the discount, you can add the code to your emails! 🎊 In the email editor, add the Discount Code email component to your template. Then, in the Discount Settings, select the discount you want to use.

🎥 Here's a short video of adding the discount code to an email:

You can also add a new discount from this panel by selecting New discount

🎥 Here's a short video of creating a new discount from an email:

Using static discount codes

You can also add static discount codes that can be applied to a customer's cart automatically with the click of a button! This is helpful if you want to use the same discount code for all customers, instead of generating a unique code.

When editing the button settings in your email, update the Button Link (URL) field with the following code:

  • For Shopify or Easy Digital Downloads stores, use {{ order.checkout_url }}&discount=CODE , where CODE is your coupon code.
  • For WooCommerce stores, use {{ order.checkout_url }}&coupon=CODE , where CODE is your coupon code.
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