There are lots of great tools out there to collect email addresses from site visitors, such as OptinMonster, OptiMonk, or Sumo. In this article, you'll learn how to use Zapier to connect these tools to Jilt so new leads are added to your Contacts list.

Note: This connection requires a paid Zapier account with access to premium apps. 

  1. Login to Zapier and create a new zap with your desired trigger event. Your trigger event must provide at least an email address for the new lead. In this example, we'll use OptinMonster with a "New Lead" trigger event.

2. Complete any other required steps for the trigger, and then select Webhooks by Zapier for the app and Custom Request for the action event. 

3. Enter the following details for the custom request settings:

- Method: POST

- URL: Enter the following URL where STOREID is replaced with your shop's ID: - you can find your store ID in your Jilt Dashboard's URL as shown below:

- Data Pass-Through? No

- Data: Enter the following code, where you replace (a) TAG-1 and TAG-2  with a comma-separated list of your own tag names and (b) LISTID with a comma-separated list of your own list IDs. 

{ "email": "{{lead__email}}", "first_name": "{{lead__firstName}}", "last_name": "{{lead__lastName}}", "phone": "{{lead__phone}}", "accepts_marketing": true, "tags": [ "TAG-1", "TAG-2"], "contact_source": "optin_monster_{{campaign__title}}", "list_ids": [ LISTID ] }

You can find your list ID in Jilt when viewing the list as shown below:

You may need to use Zapier's field inserter to replace the lead data in the Data snippet - be sure the Zapier field are wrapped in quote (") characters.

- Unflatten: Can set to "yes" or "no".

- Basic Auth: Enter the secret key provided by the Jilt support team as SECRETKEY| with the trailing pipe (|) character. 

- Headers: Add headers for:

Content-Type : application/json
Accept : application/json

4. That's it! You can use Zapier's Test & Continue option to ensure everything is setup properly. You should also test this out in the wild to see how adding a new lead via your lead generation tool is added to Jilt with all your correct lists and tags. 

Having any trouble with this process? Get in touch with support!

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