Contact lists are a collection of contacts that you create. You can find your contact lists under the Contact tab in the navigation.

Creating contact lists

To create a new list, head over to the contact lists page. Click on "create new list" at the top right of the page. Once you've added a name for the list, you'll be able to add contacts. You have three options:

  1. Import from list: this lets you import contacts from another existing list.
  2. Import CSV: this lets you import contacts via a CSV upload. All contacts in your CSV file will automatically be added to this list.
  3. Add manually: this lets you add the contact details manually.

You can also add contacts to a list from the contacts screen or anywhere you see a contact table. To add a contact to a list, select the contact, then click on Actions > assign lists. You'll see a dropdown from which you can pick the list(s) that you want to assign your contact too.

You can do the same with several contacts at once, if you select them in bulk.

Using lists

You can use lists in your email segmentation rules, to limit to contacts that are within (or without) a given list.

To do, click on Advanced: Add Rules > Contact details > Contact lists.

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