Jilt can let you personalize your recovery emails to include customer information within your email content.

You can view a list of all available personalization tags here, but we'll go over how to add them in a bit more detail in this document.

To add a personalization tag, you can click the "Personalize" menu in the email editor, then click on the information you'd like to insert into the email:

Customer Tags

Customer first and last name tags can also accept defaults, which will be used if Jilt doesn't yet know the customer name. For example, if you have, "Hey ##{{ customer.first_name}}!", and Jilt doesn't have access to the customer's first name, it will print, "Hey !"

You can improve this by setting a default, such as: Hey ##{{ customer.first_name | default: "friend" }}!

This way, if Jilt doesn't have a first name to use, it will insert, "Hey friend!" instead.

Order Tags

You can also insert tags with order details within the email content.

These can let you show details about the abandoned cart to the customer within the recovery email.

Line Item Tags

For more advanced users, you may want to loop through the line items in the cart and output certain line item data. The line item tags can help you do this for each line item.

We are happy to help non-developers customize the line item output as well! Just let us know what you want your email to look like, and we'll be happy to help you get it set up.

Quick Help

If you want to see a quick reference for all tags while you're editing emails, click on the "?" button while editing emails:

This will pop open a list of all available personalization tags for you to copy and paste them into your email.

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