We can use an advanced custom campaign that will automatically trigger an email when someone adds their email to Shopify's built-in newsletter form. 

To get started, go to the Campaigns screen in Jilt and click the +New Campaign button. Then select the "Custom customer campaign" template option from the dropdown.

Next, give the campaign a unique name, then click the Create Campaign button.

Now that we have the starting template created we'll want to add a few segmentation filters to make sure we're targeting your new subscribers. 

Here's an example of the segmentation rules we'd use:

  • Registered customer at most 1 day ago
  • Registered customer at least 5 minutes ago
  • Customer accepts marketing is true

We also want to ensure that Jilt doesn't re-enter customers in this campaign. Click on the little cog icon on the right, then make sure that the "Customers can receive this campaign more than once" option isn't enabled.

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