If you're using a supported platform integration (currently WooCommerce or Easy Digital Downloads), there's a minimal public JavaScript API that the integration provides. The most useful method right now is <wc or edd>_jilt.set_customer() This accepts an object with: email, first_name, and last_name. There is no return value but when an integration has debug mode enabled, it will write the results to the console. This method saves the data to the respective integration's session and uses it when the visitor takes any action which creates a Jilt order.

By using this method, you can set an email for a customer much earlier than the checkout, which increases the overall number of abandoned carts available to email. This works best if you have an existing popup or newsletter signup that the visitor may enter their email address in prior to adding an item to the cart.

Finally, we're actively working on features that make use of this method and compliment it. For example, by automatically grabbing any value entered into an email input or prompting a visitor to enter their email address when they click "add to cart" are some ideas that may be added in a future release.

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