Let's get you up and running with sending email campaigns from Jilt.

Create a new campaign

Click the Campaigns link in the left menu.

Note: If you have multiple stores in Jilt, you will need to go into your desired store first.

We'll click the +New Campaign button.

On the following screen, you will be asked to choose the type of campaign you'd like to run, along with the campaign's name. 

From the dropdown you can choose:

  • Cart abandoned
  • Order completed
  • Welcome first-time purchaser
  • Thank repeat purchaser
  • Ask for product review
  • Reward VIP customers
  • Win back inactive customers
  • Replenishment reminder
  • Order receipt
  • Custom cart campaign (paid plan only)
  • Custom order campaign (paid plan only)
  • Custom customer campaign (paid plan only)

Click the Create Campaign button once you've made your selection.

Campaign settings and email templates

Your campaign will automatically include default emails, depending on the type of campaign you've created. For example, a cart abandoned campaign automatically contains 3 emails based on the most effective best practices for recovery. 

From this page you can:

  1. Go Live with your campaign to start sending out emails
  2. Change the campaign settings
  3. Add/remove segmentation rules
  4. Edit existing emails
  5. Change email sending rules
  6. Delete emails
  7. Duplicate emails
  8. Add new emails

Remember: You must turn your campaign "on" before Jilt will start sending recovery emails.

Clicking on either the New email button or the name of an existing email will take you to the email editor:

While editing a new or existing recovery email, you'll be able to both edit the email settings and content. Each email has a few settings you can configure.

  • From name: The "From" name for the email; this is what customers will see as the sender when they receive a recovery email.
  • From email: The "From" email address for the email; this is what customers will see as the sending email when they receive a recovery email.
  • BCC email: (Optional) an email address to CC on these emails if desired.
  • Subject: The subject for the recovery email

The content editor lets you insert content, add personalization, or import HTML (for advanced usage). Drag-and-drop an Email Component from the left-side menu, such as a Text Block or Image Block, to add it to the email.

The final section of the email editor gives you control over when the email goes out.

  • Sending behavior: Whether to send the email automatically or not; not sending automatically basically allows you to keep this email as a "draft" until you're ready to start sending it.
  • Delay time: How long after the cart has been abandoned to wait before this email is sent. A cart isn't considered "abandoned" until the cart been idle for at least 15 minutes (no changes to items in the cart), and you must wait at least 1 minute after this period before sending a recovery email. We recommend a delay time of an hour or less on your first email.

We are also happy to help you customize the design of these recovery emails as we improve the editing experience! Just get in touch with our team and we'll be glad to assist 😊

Activate your campaign

Once you're pleased with your campaign settings, make sure to activate the campaign to start sending emails.

From your Campaigns screen, click the Go Live button next to the campaign you'd like to start using.

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