Zapier is a wonderful service to connect different apps or tools you use on a regular basis. Jilt can connect to Zapier to send new customers to a service of your choice. 

Let's walk through setting up a zap triggered by Jilt adding a customer in your account via an abandoned cart or new order. You can send this customer's name and email to another tool, such as a CRM, spreadsheet, Slack channel, and more.

Set up your trigger

First, you'll need to make a new zap. You won't see Jilt as a trigger (yet!) so we'll use the built in Webhooks by Zapier trigger. You can find this by searching for "webhooks" as a trigger.

Once you've selected Webhooks by Zapier as your trigger, you'll be asked how this webhook is processed. Select "Catch hook" and then click "Save + Continue".

Zapier will now ask you if you want to pick off a child key. We don't need to do this for our trigger, so you can click "Continue" without entering anything.

You'll now have the URL for your webhook. Copy this URL so we can add it to Jilt.

Paste your webhook URL in the Zapier integration settings, and save them.

Finally, click Enable for the integration to ensure it's functioning and sends an example to Zapier.

Now, you can go back to Zapier. Click "Ok, I did this" for your webhook.

Congrats, your trigger is now set up! 🎉

You can now add your action to the zap using any app you'd like. For example, you can push Jilt customers into Hubspot CRM, add them to a spreadsheet, or send yourself a Slack notification. Your action will have the customer email, first name, and last name available from Jilt.

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