We covered generating your Jilt DNS records along with some general guidelines in our article Can I send emails from my own domain? Here we'll take a look at adding the SPF and DKIM records to your Cloudflare domain host.

Now, let's start sending your emails with your own domain.

Add the DKIM record

1. Login to your Cloudflare account.

2. Select your domain name from the dropdown in the top left of the screen. 

3. Click the DNS settings tab.

4. From the DNS settings page, use the fields below the search bar to create a new DKIM record. To start, we'll select TXT from the first dropdown. 

5. In the Name field, enter the Host value we previously generated from Jilt (see Can I send emails from my own domain?). 

6. We'll use the next field (where it says "Click to configure") to enter the TXT Value we copied from Jilt's Email Domains setup page. Enter the value starting with "k=rsa;" into the popup window and then click Save.

7. Leave the Automatic TTL (Time to Live) field as is - we'll stick with Cloudflare's default setting. Click Add Record to finish adding your DKIM record.

Add the SPF record

If you are still on the DNS settings page, we'll continue with the below steps. Otherwise, follow Steps 1-3 from Add the DKIM record and then continue following along with us below. 

1. We'll use the fields below the search bar to create a new SPF record. To start, we'll select TXT from the first dropdown. 

2. In the Name field, enter @ as the value.

3. Click the next field (ie. Click to configure) to enter your TXT Value generated by Jilt. Paste this value, v=spf1 a mx include:spf.mtasv.net ~all , into the popup window and click Save

4. We'll again leave the Automatic TTL field as is. Select Add Record to add your new SPF record to Cloudflare.

If your Cloudflare account already has an SPF record

In some instances, you might already have an SPF record in your DNS Records list. It's not recommended to have multiple records - this can lead to delivery and spam issues. Instead, we can adjust the entry to include a portion of Jilt's TXT Value

Add the following to your existing SPF record and move the ~all to the end: include:spf.mtasv.net 

Your final SPF record might look something like this:
 v=spf1 a mx include:_spf.google.com include:spf.mtasv.net ~all 

Complete domain verification

Once the DNS has had a chance to propagate (sometimes up to 48 hours), return to Jilt's Email Domain page for your custom domain by clicking Settings -- Email Domains -- Your Domain Name

Click the "Verify DKIM" and "Verify SPF" buttons. 

A success message will appear on the page if everything was set up correctly and the records have had enough time to propagate.

After your TXT record verifications are successful, we recommend sending a test campaign email to yourself to make sure your emails are using the new "from" address.  

Have any questions about your DNS settings? We're happy to help you with setting this up :)

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