Jilt will track all abandoned and recovered orders in your store and list them for you under the "Orders" menu.

Order States

There are several possible states for a Jilt order record.

  • abandoned: Once an order has been idle for 15 minutes, so long as it has an email associated with it, it's tracked as an abandoned order within the Jilt order record. These orders will have a record in Jilt, but not within your store (and thus they'll have a Jilt-only order name for now).
  • recovered: An order is marked recovered if a customer completes the purchase after a Jilt recovery email is sent. A recovered order will be tied to the order within your store, using the order number / ID as the order name in Jilt.
  • skipped: An order is marked "skipped" when a new version of the order has been created by the same customer. For example, if the same customer returns to the site and recreates the order, the previously abandoned order is marked "skipped" since the newer version of the order will be tracked instead.
  • placed: An order is marked "placed" if the purchase has been completed before any recovery email has been sent to the customer associated with that order.

View An Order

You can view an order record for more details about the order, such as what line items where included in the order. Click on the order name from the "orders" list to view more details about the order.

Filter Orders

You can filter the orders view by state using the filtering tools at the top of the orders list. Select the state you'd like to view orders for, then click "Filter":

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