To help you comply with the GDPR, we've added a setting to both our WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads plugins that adds a consent checkbox on the checkout. Consent is needed in order to certain types of marketing emails, like a post-purchase follow-up with a discount on a future purchase.

For more information on how this assist with GDPR compliance, please review our GDPR overview page.

How to Enable

For WooCommerce and EDD, you can enable this notice by going to the settings in your Jilt Admin under Settings > Shop Settings > Storefront Settings:

This setting is disabled by default so you'll need to enable it in order to show the consent checkbox.

For Shopify users, you can go to your admin and browse to Settings > Checkout and look for the section titled "Order Processing". For the setting "Collecting consent to send promotional emails to customers from your store", change it to "Customer does not agree to receive promotional emails by default". For more information on this, read Shopify's help article.

What your visitors will see

After enabling this setting, your visitors will see a checkbox at checkout. For WooCommerce, this will appear right before the "place order" button, or the "Terms & Conditions" checkbox if you've enabled that:

If you're using EDD, this will appear right before the terms checkbox:

The consent prompt setting accepts HTML, so you can link to your privacy policy. The consent checkbox will always be unchecked by default and it's not possible to change this. The default consent prompt was drafted to be GDPR compliant, but you should check with your legal professional to ensure it meets the specific needs of your business.

When a customer checks the consent checkbox and places their order, their consent will be recorded and sent to Jilt along with their order information. This consent information that's recorded includes IP address, timestamp, context (i.e. checkout), and the exact consent prompt that was shown to the customer.

In the near future, you'll be able to view consent information about a customer in your Jilt dashboard, but for now, if you need the consent data for a customer, please get in touch with us.

If a customer who has consented to receive marketing emails browses to the checkout for a future order, they'll see the consent checkbox is already checked, which reflects their preference. They may uncheck this and place an order, which will revoke their consent.

Sending campaigns to customers who have consented

Customers that have consented to receive marketing emails can be targeted by adding or editing the "customer accepts marketing" rule to "yes". This will ensure that you're only sending marketing emails to customers who have consented.

If you're sending types of emails that don't require consent (like an order confirmation or a post-purchase follow-up asking if they received their order), you may remove the "customer accepts marketing" rule entirely. It's up to you to decide whether the email that you're sending is a marketing email or transaction email. If you're unsure and would like guidance, please get in touch with our support team.

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