Liquid is a flexible templating language that allows you to create highly customized and personalized emails by merging in customer, order, product, shop, and other information. For an overview of the basics of liquid see our article What is Liquid? And why is it magic?

You can view our complete liquid resource for Jilt here, and see shop liquid data in particular here.

Here are a few examples of how you can use the shop object to insert content into your subject lines or emails.


Returns the shop's full address:

123 Main St, PO Box 456, Boston, MA, 01111, US


Returns the store currency (in ISO 4217 format):



Returns the primary domain of the shop:

Returns the shop's email address:

Returns the shop's name:

Acme, Inc


Returns the URL for the shop's logo.


Returns an array of your shop's social profiles. You can set these profiles in your store's Brand settings within Jilt.

{% for social_profile in shop.social_profiles %}
  <a href="{{ social_profile.url }}" title="{{ }}">
    <img src="{{ social_profile.standard_icon_url }}" />
{% endfor %}


<a href="" title="facebook">
  <img src="" />

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