Customers tend to trust the email message more when they see a familiar brand image, so it's a good idea to make sure you've added a logo to your emails.

We can use Jilt's Brand settings to automatically include the logo in every email template.

1. Click the Settings menu item on the left.

2. Now navigate to the Brands sub-menu item.

3. The first section on the page, Logo, is for choosing the store logo you'd like to use in Jilt. Click the Choose Store Logo button. 

4. The Image Library window will appear. You can either upload a new image or select an existing one to use. We'll upload a new one by clicking the Upload New Image button.

5. Once the file browser opens, navigate to where your image is saved to your computer. Select it, then click the Open button to start uploading it to Jilt. A File Uploaded confirmation will appear on the screen once the process completes.

6. Now that the file is in the Image Library, make sure it's selected (a green box will appear around the image) then click the Select Image button.

7. After your settings are updated, you'll see the logo displayed. 

8. Now scroll down to the bottom of the screen and click the Save Changes button. 

That's it! Jilt will now add this image to all of your campaign templates.

Uh-oh, that wasn't the logo I wanted to use

No worries, we can delete a logo from the Brand settings page just as easily (actually, it's even easier!).

1. From the Logo section click the Choose Store Logo button.

2. The Image Library window will pop up. Select the image you'd like to delete, which will be highlighted in green. 

3. Hover your mouse over the image preview on the right side so that a "trash" icon appears. Click the "trash" icon.

4. Confirm you'd like to remove the image by clicking the Yes, delete it! button in the confirmation popup.

5. Nice work! The logo has now been removed from your account.

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