We can manage email campaigns in multiple languages with the help of our segmentation feature. For instance, customers can be assigned to a campaign based on their browser language so that they receive emails in the language that they speak. Plus our campaign emails can be used in any language by adding the translated text to the email templates.

Jilt automatically identifies the language your customers speak

With a bit of internet magic we're able to identify the language setting of your customer's internet browser. Languages are represented by a standardized set of codes which we can use with Jilt's "customer language" segmentation rule (explained below).

Here are some of the more common language codes:

Language    Code
Chinese         zh
Dutch             nl
English           en
French            fr
German          de
Portuguese    pt
Russian          ru
Spanish          es

Please note that all language codes should be in lower case. The full list of language codes can be found here.

Setting up the segmentation rules

We'll want to specify the languages that we're targeting with the help of segmentation rules in each campaign. For example, we might have both English and Spanish customers so we'll set up two separate campaigns that use the following segmentation rules.

#1 Recovery Campaign - English: "customer language is en"

#2 Recovery Campaign - Spanish: "customer language is es"

Consider using a default language campaign

In some cases the customer's browser language is unknown, which is usually because their browser that doesn't log a language setting. To include these customers in a campaign we'll make one of the campaigns the default language.

Typically, Jilt will not have captured the language preference for cart recovery emails unless a customer has placed an unpaid order. So it's a very good idea to use a default language for these emails.

Continuing with our example of the English and Spanish campaigns above, we'll make the default language English so that these emails are sent to customers for which the language is unknown:

#1 English (default) email: "customer language is not es"  

#2 Spanish recovery email: "customer language is es"  

Some frequently asked questions

Will Jilt automatically translate the email templates?

No, we don't automatically translate the templates from the default text. Instead you can add your own personal touch and voice to the templates, which are fully editable via the email editor.

Footer text can be edited directly in the email editor.

For order receipts, Jilt localizes the email footers required for CAN-SPAM compliance. We automatically include the info in the following languages, depending on the customer's browser language:

  • Croatian

  • Dutch

  • English

  • Estonian

  • French

  • German

  • Italian

  • Norwegian

  • Portuguese

  • Slovenian

  • Spanish 

What if I can't find the customer language segmentation rule?

The customer language segmentation rule is found as part of the order details. That means, it's only available for Cart and Order automation types at this time.

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