Each automation has its own metrics report. These reports help you easily monitor the success of your automations and individual emails within automations.

Generating the report

Search for a campaign

Select a campaign from the dropdown.

Select the timeframe

By default, Jilt generates a report for the past 30 days. 

You have the option to filter the timeframe of the report. 

You can also select a specific date range. Click on the starting or ending dates to view a calendar where you can create a custom range.

Overview of a report

The first metrics of the report give you an overview of its performance.

  • Attributable revenue: the total amount of revenue generated from the campaign emails.

  • Attributable orders: the total number of orders generated from the campaign emails.

  • Revenue per email sent: the average amount of revenue generated by each email sent from the campaign.

  • Conversion rate: the percentage of orders generated from the total amount of emails sent from the campaign.

You can also review the statistics for each email in the campaign.

  • Revenue: total amount of revenue attributed to this email.

  • Orders: represents the carts or orders attributed to this email.

  • Sent: the send count for this email (only includes delivered emails).

  • Conversion rate: the percentage of orders generated from this email.

  • Open rate: the percentage of opens based on how many emails have been sent (see note below).

  • Click rate: the percentage of recipients who clicked the email (see note below).

  • Unsubscribed: the unsubscription rate includes spam complaints, hardbounces, and customers who have clicked the "unsubscribe" links.

We measure open and click rate based on people who open emails, rather than using total opens divided by click count. This way, each person is only counted once.

Frequently asked questions

Why aren't my recent orders/carts appearing in my reports?

Automation reports are delayed by up to 36 hours. If you are hoping to check to ensure that emails are being sent and scheduled as expected in real time, the best place is to confirm on the outbox page.

What's Next?

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