Let's get you up and running with sending email automations from Jilt!

Create a new automation

Click the Automations link in the left menu.

Note: If you have multiple stores in Jilt, you will need to go into your desired store first.

We'll click the +New automation button next.

On the following screen, you will be asked to choose the type of automation you'd like to run, along with the automation's name. 

From the dropdown you can choose from the following automation templates:

  • Cart abandoned

  • Purchase follow up

  • Welcome first-time purchaser

  • Thank repeat purchaser

  • Ask for product review

  • Reward VIP customers

  • Win back inactive customers

  • Replenishment reminder

  • Welcome new subscribers

  • Custom cart campaign (paid plan only)

  • Custom order campaign (paid plan only)

  • Custom customer campaign (paid plan only)

Click the Create Campaign button once you've made your selection.

Automation settings and email templates

Your automation will automatically include prebuilt default emails, depending on the type of automation you've created. For example, a cart abandoned automation automatically contains 3 emails based on the most effective best practices for recovery. 

From this page you can:

  1. Go Live with your automation to start sending out emails

  2. Add/remove segmentation rules

  3. Change the automation settings, such as the email delay, from address, or subject line

  4. Edit the email content

  5. Preview, send a test email, duplicate, or delete the email

  6. Create a new email within the automation

  7. Rename your automation

Remember: You must turn your automation on before Jilt will start sending recovery emails. Click on "Go live" to turn it on.

Editing the settings

To edit the email settings, click on "Settings". You'll be able to configure the following parameters:

  • Sending schedule: how long after a contact enters the automation should the email be sent? For instance, 1 hour for cart recovery means the email will be sent 1 hour after the contact abandons their cart on your website.

  • Sending behavior: Whether to send the email automatically or not; not sending automatically basically allows you to keep this email as a "draft" until you're ready to start sending it.

  • From name: The From name for the email; this is what customers will see as the sender when they receive the email.

  • From address: The From address for the email; this is what customers will see as the sending email when they receive the email.

  • Subject line: The subject line for the email. You can use Liquid merge tags to personalize this line.

  • Preview text (optional): This lets you set content for the preview that some email client show. Head here to find out more about it.

Editing the content

Clicking on Edit will take you to the email editor:

The content editor lets you insert content, add personalization, or import HTML (for advanced usage). Drag-and-drop an Email Component from the right-side menu, such as a Text Block or Image Block, to add it to the email.

We are also happy to help you customize the design of your emails! Just get in touch with our team and we'll be glad to assist 😊

Activate your automation

Once you're pleased with your automation settings, make sure to activate the automation to start sending emails.

You can either click on Go live button from the automation itself or from the list of all of your automations.

Didn't receive an automation email?

Check out our guide for more info on how often Jilt checks for new entries in your automations.

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