When creating or editing a new automation email, you can set rules that adjust the automation's behavior, and how customers may receive your campaigns.

Matching segmentation rules

This radio button determines how we should evaluate your rules: should customers match all rules you've configured, or should they match any individual rule?  If you select "any", meeting a single rule will be considered sufficient to enter the campaign.

Campaign re-entry

While editing an advanced campaign (paid plans only) you'll also have access to rules that determine whether your customers can re-enter a campaign or not.

You can enable the option for "Customers can receive this campaign more than once" to allow a customer to re-enter a campaign after they've exited it.

This option should be disabled for campaigns like "welcome" drips, as these are the kind of email series that customers should only receive one time. It's also helpful to disable re-entry for campaigns like "Reward VIP customers", as a customer typically becomes a VIP only once. 

This helps to prevent customers from getting duplicated emails by re-entering a campaign immediately after they've exited it. (Given they could still meet the criteria to enter after they've received all emails!)

You should enable this setting if customers can receive this campaign again, such as for a cart abandonment or win-back campaign. A good rule of thumb is: is this campaign focused on customer properties? It probably shouldn't allow re-entry. If it's focused on order or cart properties, it may allow re-entry.

For most campaigns, you'll also see a second setting if you enable re-entry: when should re-entry be allowed?

  • Contact enter this campaign with every matched order: This behavior is useful for a campaign that should be sent for every cart or purchase. A good example is asking for a review: should the customer receive an "ask for review" email with every single order, even if they place two orders really close together? Yes -- so we allow entry for every matched order.

  • Contact enter this campaign when they're not currently in the campaign: This is a little different -- it means the customer should only receive this campaign's emails if they're not already getting them. An example of this is the cart abandonment campaign: even if a customer has multiple carts, they should only get one set of recovery emails. So, we would choose this setting if customers need to exit the campaign before they can re-enter it.

    Another good example is an educational series or "how your order gets to you" campaign. Let's say we sell software, and want to send a "Here's how you get updates and support" series. If the customer buys two pieces of software a day apart, we probably don't want to duplicate this series while they're getting it -- but we do want them to be reminded of how to get updates and support if they purchase again later after they've received all emails.

Not sure which settings you want to use? Our team is happy to advise on which ones to use! Feel free to reach out here and let us know what the goals of your email campaign are, and we'll point you in the right direction. 🙂

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