When are all campaign emails sent to a customer? How do I check if a customer has made a purchase since entering a campaign?

Jilt will handle campaign entry and exit based on the rules you've created for a campaign, and whether you require customers to match any rule or all rules.

A customer enters a campaign when they meet the rules and settings you've added in Segmentation rules

Once a customer has entered a campaign, they will receive all emails for that campaign unless one of these changes happen:

  • For abandoned cart campaigns, carts will exit the campaign if the customer places an order, as a purchase signals to Jilt it should stop sending emails.

  • For all other campaign types, if the customer or object (order, subscription, etc) no longer meets the entry rules, it will exit the campaign.

Let's take a few examples:

  • I send a win-back campaign to re-engage lapsed customers. I set rules to send the series to customers who purchased at least 90 days ago, and at most 120 days ago. If a customer purchases after my first email, the "last ordered date" changes as is no longer at least 90 days ago. So, the customer exits the campaign and never gets emails 2 and 3.

  • I send a Your subscription renews soon series with WooCommerce Subscriptions while a subscription is active, and the next payment date is at least 7 days from now. If the customer receives my first email and cancels the subscription, they will not get any other emails, because the status is no longer active.

  • I send an ask for review email that targets orders with a paid status. In WooCommerce or Easy Digital Downloads, I might target an order with "completed" status, while in Shopify, I would target orders with a "paid" financial status. If that status changes due to a refund, my campaign will now stop sending and I'll no longer ask for the review.

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