Broadcasts are a type of email that you can schedule or send without an event trigger, so you can send it to a large number or all of your contacts with a single click. They are perfect for newsletters, product announcements, and much more! 😀 

How to create a new broadcast 📬

In your Jilt account, click Broadcasts. Click New broadcast.

Choose the audience you want to reach with your broadcast. You can choose a specific list, add rules, or choose to send to all of your contacts. We recommend only sending to contacts who have opted in to receiving marketing emails to improve your emails open rate and avoid a high unsubscription rate.

You can see how many contacts your email will be sent to and who they are in the bottom right corner:

Next, click the Edit button to modify your email's content and appearance. Click here to learn about editing emails. Once you're finished updating the design, click Save at the top right of the page and the back arrow at the top left to return to your email settings.

Then, add your From name, From email address, Subject line, and Preview text in the Email settings:

Finally, click the Schedule button and choose to send the email now, or schedule it for another time.

Need more help with setting up or customizing your broadcast? Contact the support team, and they'll  be happy to help!

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