Sending a welcome series is a great way to begin nurturing your relationship with a new subscriber. We can set this up in Jilt using a custom customer campaign that that triggers when a user registers on your site.

Follow the steps below to setup a welcome campaign:

1. Click Automations and select New campaign.

2. In the dropdown, under Customer select Welcome New Subscribers as the campaign type (note: you may need to scroll down in the dropdown list to find the Welcome new subscriber campaign).

3.  Enter a name for your campaign, such as "Welcome series". Then, click Create Campaign.

4. The segmentation settings for that automation are configured so that any new signups to your newsletter to enter that automation and receive those emails. You don't need to make any adjustments to the segmentation rules.

5. You can go ahead and design and schedule your emails! Click "Go Live" when you are ready to start sending your welcome emails 🎉

Want to include a discount code in your welcome emails?
💸Check out our guide on adding discount codes to emails to find out how to do that.

Need to add a newsletter signup form to your site? Check out our guide on adding signup forms to your site.

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