Need to migrate a contact list from another email provider? We can help with that! There are a couple steps you can take to migrate data to Jilt.

What can be migrated? ℹī¸Â 

You can import:

  • Your contacts (along with basic information like name, address, tags, etc);

  • Your automated emails (such as post-purchase follow ups or cart abandonment reminders); and

  • Email templates

We're happy to help when migrating from another platform! You can get in touch with our team for assistance.

Migrate a contact list 📜

First, before we get into contact lists: is your list only customers, or does it have other contacts? Jilt will automatically import your customer list from your store, so you may not need to migrate contacts if your list is only folks who have purchased from you.

If you have more contacts who are not customers, Jilt can import contacts from a CSV or XLS file, and this file can be as simple as single column for "email address". You can also include basic contact details such as first name, last name, address fields, whether these folks opt into marketing emails or not, and more.

If migrating from Mailchimp, we can also import this CSV file without any modifications. Please perform an account backup export as described here, then follow our guide on importing contacts into Jilt via a CSV file here.

Migrate your email automations 🤖

To migrate automations, they will need to be re-created in Jilt using Jilt's audience segmentation rules and email editor. If you were planning on refreshing your automated emails, this may be a good opportunity to start with Jilt's automation default templates and modify them for your business.

If you are wondering which automation type is best for each of your current automations, get in touch with our team, we'll be happy to help configure these automations on your account.

Migrate email templates 💌

Similar to automations, broadcast email templates can be re-created in Jilt using Jilt's email editor. Have a look at our guide on getting started with email templates, there are some excellent "out of the box" options that may suit your business well.

If you would prefer to re-create your commonly used templates from your previous platform, don't hesitate to get in touch, we'll be happy to help with re-creating them as closely as possible in Jilt.

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