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The Jilt email editor makes it easy to adjust the content and design of your email - no advanced HTML or CSS design skills required! You can add discount codes, social media buttons, and feature products from your store using our straightforward drag-and-drop interface.

Using the email editor 🎨

Let's explore how to use the editor to design a great email! 🎉

Adjust email settings

First, you can select Edit email settings to tweak the colors and default font for this email. 

❗️Head's up! Changing the Primary Color here will impact all your emails!

Add email components

Now, let's add a few components. To add a component, simply drag it into the email preview and drop it in the desired location.

Note: Some components, like Social, can only be added once to an email.

Once you've added a component, you can edit it in the email preview and the Settings menu.

Note: You can use Liquid merge tags to dynamically change the content of your email based on customer or order details, such as their first name or order price.

To change the background color of a particular component, select the dropper icon and pick a color from the palette or enter the HEX code for your desired color. 

Tweak formatting

Finally, you can tweak your text formatting by highlighting the text you want to chance. A toolbar will appear where you can change text size, color, and alignment.

Test it out!

Now, let's see how our email looks! Click Send Test Email to send a copy of this email to yourself or someone else so you can see how it will appear to your customers.

Advanced editing

Want to flex your HTML muscles and design your entire email? 👍Click the Import HTML Email button to switch to HTML mode. Click here to learn more about custom HTML emails.

What components can I add to my emails? ⚙️

You can add the following components to any email type:

There are a few other special components that are associated with Automation and Order receipt email types.

Automations emails are sent in response to an event, such as when a user registers for an account on your site or abandons their cart.

Order receipt emails are sent for events associated with an order, like when an order is shipped or cancelled.

  • Cart Contents

  • Discount Code

  • Payment Details

  • Order Status

  • Shipping Details

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