You can send a test email at any time to see what your customers will see when they receive your emails.

While editing any email or broadcast, you can click Actions > Send test email in the email editor.

This will let you enter the addresses to which you'd like to send a test email. This test email will include dummy data that is automatically generated to review your email layout.

Legacy Editor

Your shop may be using Jilt's legacy editor, in which case the send test email button will look like this:

Frequently asked questions:

Why doesn't the unique discount code in my test email work?

Test emails do not generate real discount codes. In order to test a unique discount code, run a real test from your storefront that satisfies the conditions of your automation. Check out this guide on how to do that in the context of a cart recovery email.

I'm not receiving my test email

Be sure to check if the email is being filtered as spam by your mailbox provider, and get in touch with our team to let us know about this. We'll be happy to investigate.

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