Broadcasts enable you to send unique, one-time emails, such as newsletters or announcements, to contacts on your list. Upgrading your account to support broadcasts means you'll be able to send all your marketing emails through Jilt. You'll no longer need to switch between multiple platforms, or rely on any external connector apps to get your store's data into your email marketing tool. 

Why is my price changing and how much can I expect to pay?

By enabling broadcasts emails on your account, you'll be switched to our new list-based pricing. Your price may change based on the number of contacts on your store's list, and it may increase if you import additional contacts from another service.

However, because you'll be sending all your marketing emails through Jilt, your overall spend for email marketing is likely to decrease or be comparable to what you were paying for Jilt + other services.

You can estimate your pricing based on total list size here

There are contacts on my list I don't want to email. Is there a way for me to stop paying for them? 

Yes! You can manually "archive" inactive contacts on your list. You won't pay for archived contacts, but you also won't be able to contact them while they're archived. 

Archiving keeps contact data stored for future use, however, so if a contact makes a purchase in the future or you decide you want to reengage, you can reactivate them.

What emails can I send with Broadcasts?

You can use Broadcasts to send all kinds of emails directly to some or all of the contacts on your list. Here are the main types of broadcasts being sent by existing Jilt users:

  • Newsletters
  • Sales / deals / promotions (including store-wide or product specific sales, universal discount codes, free shipping promotions, gifts, BOGO, etc.)
  • Giveaways / contests
  • Product announcements / recommendations
  • Company news / updates

What makes Jilt's broadcasts better?

The entire Jilt platform is designed for the email marketing needs of eCommerce stores, and Broadcasts is no different. We built this feature to meet the unique needs of online stores. Here are some of the ways broadcast emails are better in Jilt:

  • Data - Jilt syncs a lot of store data automatically. No fiddling around with third-party connector apps or using complex workarounds to get your store data into your email marketing platform. With Jilt, your customer, product, and order data is available instantly and you can use it to make your emails more effective.
  • Analytics - Jilt makes it easy to track not only the standard email marketing analytics like clicks and open rates, but also eCommerce-specific metrics like attributable revenue. Sending your broadcast emails in Jilt means you can see which emails have generated actual sales, without having to use 3rd party tools, such as Google Analytics, and unreliable client-side Javascript implementation or custom-coded tracking.
  • Product recommendations - Jilt makes it much easier to choose products from your catalog to add to emails.
  • Personalization - Personalized emails get results, and because of all that data Jilt syncs automatically, your broadcasts can be easily personalized and segmented based on eCommerce attributes like lifetime value (LTV), total number of orders, time since last order, and more.
  • No send limits - Jilt doesn't place any sending limits or caps on your account, and your account can add an unlimited number of stores, campaigns, and list segments.
  • Convenience - All your emails in one place means managing your email marketing will be easier, more convenient, and save you time. By using Jilt to send your automated and transactional emails alongside your broadcasts, you'll be able to more easily manage and improve your entire email marketing strategy.

Sounds great, but I have templates and segments and campaigns already set up on another platform. Moving will be a hassle, right?

We're happy to help you migrate from another service! Just contact support and we'll get you set up.

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