Jilt automatically imports customers from your ecommerce store, but if you're migrating from another platform (like Mailchimp) or have other contacts that you'd like to add to Jilt, you can do so using our CSV import tool! 

Follow the steps below to import contacts to Jilt:

1. Go to Contacts > Add Contacts > Import CSV.

2. Select the file you want to upload. The import tool supports Mailchimp audience export files, or you can download our template to ensure your contacts are in the proper format. Our CSV upload supports the following fields:

  • EMAIL_ADDRESS (required) - if a contact with this email already exists in Jilt, their record will be updated but not duplicated. 




  • TAGS - you can segment emails by tags. Use a comma-separated list for adding multiple tags to a contact, e.g. "newsletter, vip"

  • ACCEPTS_MARKETING - to indicate that a contact has explicitly opted in to receive marketing emails, use "true". If a contact has this field set to "false", they cannot receive Broadcast emails. 

  • OPTIN_TIME - the contact opt in date/time, e.g. "2019-12-10 19:13:39". If not included, this will be set to the current day/time if ACCEPTS_MARKETING is "true"

  • CONTACT_SOURCE - can be set to any string to indicate the source of this contact

3. If desired, choose one or more lists that these contacts should be added to.
4. Click Start Import.

That's it! You'll receive an email when your import is complete.

Success tips

File type

At the moment, we only support Mailchimp export files and CSV files. If you aren't exporting from Mailchimp, make sure your file has the proper extension (.csv) and not others, such as .xls, .xlsx or .tsv.

If you have an Excel file, you can convert it to CSV by choosing File > Save As > .CSV (comma separated values). You can also copy and paste your data into Google Sheets and select File > download as .csv.


To import your contacts successfully, please ensure that your file does not have an empty column with no header. 

Column headers

Please ensure that you don't have duplicated columns. For instance, you can't have two columns named TAGS.

Note that we only support column headers in English. We are happy to help with translation, just reach out to us! :)


Will importing contacts change the status of contacts who previously unsubscribed?

No, suppressed (or unsubscribed) contacts will never have their suppressed status updated to active status with a contact import.

What is the accepts marketing column? How can I update that value?

The accepts_marketing column tracks consent to receive marketing emails, or the opt-in status.

You can update the value of the accepts_marketing rule when importing contacts.

If the contact is a new contact, it will default to setting "accepts marketing" to true, unless a column exists in the file specifying that it should be set to false.

If a value for the "accepts marketing" column already exists in Jilt, importing the contact will not change the accepts marketing value set for the contact unless you specifically mark the file to a different value.

⚠️ Please be aware that contacts synced from your shop that have an unknown value for "accepts marketing" will be treated like a new contact.

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