In this article, we’ll review the basics of email deliverability and what you can do to avoid ending up in the spam folder. 

  • What is email deliverability?

  • Why did my email go to spam? 

  • How can Jilt improve my email deliverability?

  • Can my email's content impact deliverability? 

What is email deliverability? 🤔

Email deliverability describes when an email successfully arrives in the recipient’s Inbox. Jilt delivers approximately 99.8% of emails, but this doesn’t mean they all end up in the Inbox. Some might go to the spam or a secondary folder (such as Gmail’s Promotions folder) instead. This can be a frustrating experience when you work so hard to gather email addresses and develop the perfect email!

Why did my email go to spam? 📬

Only the receiving mail servers know exactly how they’ll decide where to deliver an email - this is a well-kept secret to ensure that spammers don’t abuse the algorithm. However, there are several factors that play a large role in where your email will go once it’s delivered.

How did you acquire this person’s email address? 

If someone didn’t opt in to receive marketing emails from your store, you’re better off not sending them. These recipients may mark your emails as spam or junk, which impacts how your emails are delivered to other contacts. 

You should never use purchased email lists for this reason, and they’re also against Jilt’s Terms of Service.

Do customers recognize your email address? 

If a recipient doesn’t recognize your email, they’re more likely to mark your email as spam, which again has consequences for all your emails. This is another reason not to email folks from a purchased list! 

Is your custom send domain “warmed up”?

If you're using your own sending domain, you'll also want to ensure that your domain is properly "warmed up" to avoid any deliverability issues. Click here to read more about warming up your domain.

Note: If you’re sending from our default domain (, no need to worry - this domain is already warm! 🔥

What about the Gmail Promotions tab? 

While some marketers may worry about their emails going to the Promotions tab instead of the primary Inbox, the Promotions tab can work to your advantage! Click here to read about the Promotions tab and how it impacts email marketing.

How can Jilt improve my email deliverability? 💌

It’s true, you can’t guarantee that all your emails will end up in the Inbox, but there are several steps you can take to dramatically improve your deliverability - and Jilt is here to help!

Ensure you have permission to email your recipients

Setting up a signup form on your store is a great way to gather contacts that you know you have permission to email. Jilt will sync contacts added to your store via the following channels:

  • Jilt's Signup Forms feature, which you can use to easily add a form to your website where visitors can subscribe for your mailing list.

  • The newsletter footer available in your Shopify theme. 

  • Accounts created at checkout from Shopify, WooCommerce, or Easy Digital Downloads.

Keep your email list clean

Remove inactive and unengaged subscribers from your email list can improve your deliverability by improving your engagement rate and reducing spam complaints/unsubscribes. Click here to read more about cleaning your email list and how Jilt can help.

Send a welcome email to new subscribers

Sending a welcome email to new subscribers is a great way to "warm up" these contacts and get them engaged with your store. 

It's a great idea to do this soon after a customers joins your mailing list. You can use a Welcome New Customers campaign to do this automatically for new subscribers, or use a one-time Broadcast to welcome new contacts that were added via an import (for example, from a mailing list sign-up in your physical store or that you collected at a conference). 

Setup sending from your own domain

If you send more than 3000 emails per week, you can significantly improve your chances of landing in the Inbox by sending emails from your store’s domain! Click here to read about setting up sending from your own domain in Jilt. Need help getting this setup? Our support team is happy to help!

Can my email's content impact deliverability? 

It sure can! We have a few tips for some easy steps you can take within your email content to improve deliverability:

  • Keep your messages on brand. This keeps your customers from being confused about who you are and why they're receiving an email, which means they're less likely to unsubscribe or mark your email as spam.

  • Don't "trick" customers into opening with a misleading subject line. While it may temporarily improve your open rates, using tricks like pretending your email is personal ("Can you pick something up for me on your way home?") can frustrate your customers and cause them to mark your email as spam. 

  • Be careful about using too many non-letter characters. Using too many numbers or symbols in your email content can trigger a spam filter.

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