Removing inactive subscribers from your email list can improve your deliverability by reducing spam complaints and unsubscribe rates.

Jilt will automatically suppress email addresses that have bounced, but you can also contribute to this process by archiving contacts that haven’t engaged with your store in some time:

  1. Go to Contacts.

  2. Click Filter > Contact details > Contact last ordered date > "before" and pick a date in the past - perhaps a month or two ago. This will vary for your business based on your products and how frequently your average customer shops. You can also pick "never" to target contacts who haven't made a purchase from your shop at any point.

  3. Click Add rule.

  4. Click the box in the header row to select all contacts that meet this filter. If your selection extends beyond one page (i.e. more than 25 contacts), click Select all to check each contact on all subsequent pages.

  5. Click Actions > Archive.

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