In this article, you'll learn about contact statuses, what types of emails these contacts can receive, how contact statuses impact your monthly bill, and how contacts change statuses.  

  • What are the contact statuses?

  • When do contacts changes statuses?

What are the contact statuses? 👥

Jilt contacts are categorized into three different statuses:

  • Active. Active contacts can receive any and all emails sent from Jilt. However, active contacts will only receive broadcasts if they have opted in to receive marketing emails. This is represented by the "Accepts Marketing" field in Jilt, which is synced from Shopify. This is typically undefined for most WooCommerce or EDD stores, since there's not a direct equivalent. Only active contacts count towards your monthly bill.

  • Suppressed. Suppressed contacts will only receive order receipts that they qualify for based on their order activity, unless they were suppressed due to a spam complaint or hard bounce (in which case they will receive no Jilt emails). Suppressed contacts do not count towards your monthly bill. 

  • Archived. Archived contacts will receive no emails. However, they may move back to active status if they qualify for an order receipt or automation email. Archived contacts do not count towards your monthly bill. 

When do contacts changes statuses? 🔁

All contacts synced from your store or imported into Jilt will start out in active status.

A contact will move to suppressed status if their email address hard bounces, they mark one of your emails as spam, or they unsubscribe from your emails. 

  • A hard bounce describes when an email address is returned to sender, usually due to the email address being invalid or entered incorrectly (e.g. a fake email or a misspelled email).

  • A spam complaint occurs when a user identifies an email as spam. Click here to learn more about improving email deliverability and avoiding spam complaints.

  • An unsubscribe occurs when a user selects the link automatically included in the footer of all Jilt emails to be removed from your email list. 

You can choose to archive contacts when you don't want that customer to receive emails from you any longer. For example, you may decide that you don't need to email contacts that haven't placed an order in the past six months. You can archive those contacts to prevent them from receiving emails and exclude them from your billing. 

However, an archived customer can return to active status if they meet the conditions for an automation campaign (e.g. they abandon a cart or qualify for a post-purchase follow up) or make a purchase from your store. They will then receive the associated automation email or order receipt and, if they'd previously opted in to receive marketing emails, can start receiving broadcast emails again. Those reactivated contacts will then start counting toward your billing again. 

Note: If you archive a contact in the middle of an automation campaign (e.g. between when they receive the first and second email), they will be exited from the campaign and won't receive subsequent emails. 

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