There are lots of great tools out there to collect email addresses from site visitors, such as LeadPages, OptiMonk, or Sumo. In this article, you'll learn how to use Zapier to connect these apps to Jilt so new leads are added to your Contacts list. 

Note: We’ve recently launched an integration with OptinMonster. Read more about sending OptinMonster leads to Jilt here.

Connecting Your Apps to Jilt

First, you’ll want to connect your desired app to Jilt through Zapier following these steps:

  1. Login to Zapier and create a new zap with your desired trigger event. Your trigger event must provide at least an email address for the new lead. Complete any other required steps for the trigger.

  2. Then for the “Do this” section, select Jilt as the app under “Choose App & Event”. Choose the desired action under “Action Event”. You can choose from the following actions:

    Subscribe contact
    - Creates a new contact in Jilt and subscribes them to receive marketing emails. If a contact already exists, they will be updated to subscribe to receive marketing emails.

    Unsubscribe contact - Unsubscribes a contact in Jilt.

    Add / update contact - Can add and / or update contacts (if the email address already exists) in Jilt. This can be used to update the properties of a contact without updating their subscription status.

  3. Finally, choose your account and customize the contact as desired. You can even add tags or assign the contact to lists.

That's it! You can use Zapier's Test & Continue option to ensure everything is set up properly. You should also test this out in the wild to see how adding a new lead via your lead generation tool is added to Jilt with all your correct lists and tags. 

Having any trouble with this process? Get in touch with support!

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