The Jilt email editor makes it easy to adjust the content and design of your email - no advanced HTML or CSS design skills required! You can add discount codes, social media buttons, and feature products from your store using our straightforward drag-and-drop interface.

To create beautiful emails that better reflect your brand, check out how to use the new editor in this video:

Note: Please note that this is our new editor. Need help with the old editor? Click here for a guide on that tool.  

🗺 Navigating the editor

First, let's take a quick tour of the email editor by discussing the different menus you'll encounter:

  • Content

  • Rows

  • Settings

Content is where you'll find many of the blocks that will determine your email's message, such as text, images, and videos. You can adjust the padding of each content block and determine whether it will appear on desktop / mobile versions of the email. 

Rows let you define the structure of the email, as well as showcase products, order details, or purchasing discounts. You can adjust the background color, padding, and borders for each row.

Your row structure determines how your email is arranged and where you can drop different content blocks. You can toggle the Show structure button to see a dotted line outline of your email and see where you can rearrange content.

Settings include general options that apply to the whole email, such as background colors and default fonts. 

📦 Adding products to emails

You can add different types of products to your emails:

  • Best sellers

  • Newest items

  • Recommended products (only for cart- and order-based automations)

  • Chosen products

Important: When you add a product row to Jilt, you will see merge tags/placeholders instead of the actual product(s). To view the product(s), go to Actions > Preview.

For best sellers, newest, and recommended items, Jilt will determine which products to display that meet these conditions. For chosen products, you can pick the products that you'd like to showcase.

To add best seller, newest, or recommended items products:

  1. Go to Rows and select Products > Best sellers, Products > Newest items, or Products > Recommended products from the drop-down menu.

  2. Pick the desired row layout and drag/drop the row into your email. You can modify the row further in the email if you'd like.

  3. Click Actions > Preview to view the product(s) selected by Jilt for the row.

If you want to choose which products appear in the email:

  1. Go to Rows and select Build custom row from the drop-down menu.

  2. Select Product Row in the pop-up window.

  3. Pick Let me choose from the Show these products drop-down menu.

  4. Enter the product names that you'd like to show. 

  5. Update the other settings to tweak the appearance of the product rows. 

  6. Click Create product row.

  7. Drag the row into the email. You can modify the row further in the email if you'd like.

  8. Click Actions > Preview to view the product(s) you've selected for the row. 

Note: You can also use a custom row to tweak the appearance of a product row for best sellers, newest, or recommended items.

Read more about adding products to emails here.

🛒 Adding cart and order content to emails

When creating an automation, you can add cart or order content to your emails. Note that this isn't available for broadcasts.

We specifically cover adding cart contents to emails here and order details here but if you're looking for a quick overview, here is how to do it:

  1. Head over to Rows, and select Cart Contents or Order details

  2. Drag and drop the row you want in your email

Note: Order details are only available in order-based automations, such as cart recovery or replenishment reminders.

💸 Adding discounts to emails

You can add discounts created in your store in all of your emails. In your automations, you can also add unique discounts (a unique code per customer).

There are several ways to add a discount code to your email. You can read detailed instructions here.

As a quick overview, to add your existing store coupons, you can drag and drop a discount row under Rows > Discounts. This is available in all emails.

To add a discount code that's uniquely generated per client in your automations, you can:

  1. Go to Rows and select Build custom row from the drop-down menu.

  2. Select Discount Row in the pop-up window. 

  3. Choose to use a saved discount or create a new unique discount

  4. If using a saved discount, select Unique discount code, then select the code you want to include

  5. If creating a new unique discount, enter the appropriate information

  6. Click Create discount row.

  7. Drag the row into the email. You can modify the row further in the email if you'd like.

Need more details? This article will walk you through the process step by step.

🎨 Editing images

First, let's get an image into your email by following these steps:

1. Drag an Image block into the email from the Content tab.

2. Click Browse.

3. Click Upload to choose your own image or Search free photos to pick a photo from the thousands of images in our library. 

4. Click Insert to add the image to the email. 

Note: Working with lots of images? Use folders to keep everything clean and organized! You can upload or add images directly to a folder. 

Now that you've added an image to your email, there are lots of ways you can edit it to ensure it's just right for your email:

  • From the Content tab, you can change the image's width, alignment, and padding.

  • For more editing options, click Apply effects & more - from here, you can add filters and frames, resize and crop, and much more!

🖋 Editing text

You can choose your text's font, alignment, color, and styling inline by selecting the entire Text block or the particular chunk of text you want to modify. There are some other options in the Content panel that will apply to the entire Text block - text color, link color, and line-height. 

There are a couple of special features in text editing that will appear when you select text inline in the email:

  • Special links: Insert the unsubscribe link into your email. In most cases, this will be present in your email footer. 

  • Merge tags: Liquid merge tags let you quickly add information about your store or customer (such as their name) in your email. This makes it easy to personalize your emails to each recipient. Find out why they're awesome here.

Note: Don't like how your email footer looks? You can edit that! However, you must include at least one unsubscribe link in your email to comply with email marketing legislation. We also recommend including your store address (which you can add with merge tags) to comply with CAN-SPAM, CASL, and other legislation

You can add a store logo to your Jilt account by going to Settings > Brand > Choose Store Logo. Once you've added a logo there, it will be automatically added to the top of new Jilt emails. 

Want to add your logo elsewhere? Use an Image block with Dynamic image enabled, and then enter the {{store.logo_image}} merge tag as the Dynamic URL

You can then view the logo by going to Actions > Preview

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