What is OptinMonster?

OptinMonster is a wonderfully robust lead capture tool. You can create signup forms for a WordPress or Shopify site, and can customize what type of form you use, as well as when it's presented.

Welcome mats, pop ups, slide ins, inline forms, and floating bars are all supported! You can also target individual pages or specific behaviors (e.g., on site for 3 seconds) to show forms.

How the integration works

When OptinMonster captures a lead, it can push that lead to other services. Jilt is an available service for OptinMonster!

You can connect your account to Jilt under My Account > Integrations in OptinMonster:

The integration can be named for later reference, which is particularly helpful to specify which JIlt organization you've connected to OptinMonster, especially if you manage multiple organizations.

Once connected, you can choose to push the leads from an OptinMonster form to Jilt by selecting Jilt as your Email Provider.

You must choose which store leads should be added to. You can optionally also select lists the new lead should be added to, and add a list of tags that should be added to the new contact.

All new leads from this form are then pushed to Jilt. 💃 These contacts will have accepts_marketing = true in Jilt, and will have the tags / lists that are specified in the OptinMonster campaign associated with them, too.

They'll also show "OptinMonster" as the contact's signup source, which allows for further segmentation of your marketing emails.

With Jilt's segmentation options, you can create an automated email to target leads from specific OptinMonster campaigns, and tag them with specific attributes, giving you incredible granularity in your email marketing.

You're now ready to email folks who have funneled into your list through an OptinMonster lead capture form! We hope you enjoy this extension and grow your contact list using OptinMonster and Jilt.

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