When your customer receives an email, they want to know who sent it. The From address field in an email is like your signature; it helps you build brand awareness and customer relationships.

ℹ️Note: To start using Jilt, you must have at least one verified email address per store.

Adding a From address

When you sign up for Jilt, you’ll have the opportunity to set a default From address during onboarding. Don’t worry, you can always change it later!

Once you’re signed in, to add a new From address, click on “Settings” at the bottom left of your account.

Then, click on “From Addresses”. 

You can add a new address by clicking on the “Add new” button.

Once you’ve added a new address, you must verify it before using it.

Verifying a From address

Before you can use a From address, you must verify it.

It’s quite simple. When you enter a new address, we’ll send you an email with a verification link. Click on the link in the email and the verification process will be kicked off.

ℹ️Note that we won’t send you an email for addresses associated with private domains you’ve already verified.

For instance, you own acme.com and you’ve already verified hello@acme.com. If you add support@acme.com as a From address, we won’t need you to verify it again :)

Using a verified email address

Depending on the type of From email address you add, the verification process may take a few minutes.

Once successful, you can start using your From address in your broadcasts, automations, and transactional notifications 🎉

The address will be available in a drop-down in the email settings.

Setting a default From address

You can set a default From address for your store. This means that the address you choose will be selected as the default From address for new emails you create. You can always change it for each email in the email settings.

To set a default From address, open your settings in the bottom left and click on From Addresses.

If you only have a single store:

Click on the actions button corresponding to the From address you want to use as a default.

That's it! 😎

If you have several stores: 

Click on the actions button corresponding to the From address you want to use as a default.

Then enter the store(s) for which you want to this address to be the default. You can type in the store name or select from the dropdown. 

To confirm, click on “Set as default”. The From address is now the default for the store(s) you selected.

You're done! 🙌🏻

Removing a From address

You may want to remove an address from being the default From address or delete it altogether.

To remove an address from being the default, simply set another address as the default address for your store.

To delete a From address, click on the actions button on the far right in the address row. Click on “delete”.

ℹ️Note that you can’t delete a From address if it’s the only verified address for your store.

If the address you want to delete is being used in an active automation and/or a scheduled broadcast and/or is used as the default for a store, you will be asked to select a replacement address.

Authenticating a From address

Authenticating a From address means that Jilt can use the address domain in the “From” field of the email.

Depending on your current email list size, this can help improve email deliverability. 

To find out whether authenticating is right for you, check out our best practices for deliverability article. To authenticate a From address, follow the steps in this article.

ℹ️Note that authentication is only available for paid plans. For paid plans benefits, check out our pricing page.

Managing From addresses as a store manager

If you manage stores in Jilt, you must ask the store owner to add and verify email addresses. The store owner will choose which From address to set as the default from address for the store.

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