When you send an email from Jilt, you want your audience to know who the email is from. This helps you build brand recognition and customer relationships.

Depending on the type of email address you use, this can also improve your deliverability and avoid your emails going to the spam folder.

Different types of From addresses

There are two types of From addresses. The first type is addresses that come from Google, Yahoo, or other free providers, like yourname@gmail.com. The second type is addresses that come from your own domain, like yourname@yourshop.com.

Using an address from a free provider is generally not advisable. If you send a lot of emails from these addresses, they’re likely to go to spam. Email providers will flag you for suspicious activity.

We advise using an address associated with your store domain. This gives you more legitimacy. 

If you send more than 5,000 emails a month, it’s also a good idea to authenticate this address.

“Warming” an address

You might have heard that term before. When email marketers talk about “warming” a From address or a domain, they are referring to an email address’s sending reputation. 

This reputation is built up over time when the audience that receives emails from a given From address reacts well to the email, by reading, clicking, and otherwise interacting with the emails. If the audience marks all emails as spam, the From address will have a bad reputation.

When you start out, you may not have a very engaged audience. 

This is why we use our Jilt domain to help you out. 

We “sign” the emails you send with our own address. Your audience probably won’t notice, and you benefit from our warmed up email domain 🎉

Once you feel like your audience is reacting well to your emails and you are sending over 5,000 emails a month, you can authenticate your address.  

You can learn more about warming email domains here.

Authenticated addresses

When you’re sending over 5,000 emails a month to an audience that’s responding well, you’re ready to build your own reputation.

You can authenticate your email address so that we’ll be able to use your domain to sign the emails with your domain.

To authenticate your domain, follow the steps outline in our help article: “Can I send emails from my own domain?

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