You can use prebuilt templates to create exceptional broadcasts quickly and easily 🎉

ℹ️. Note that this feature is not available for automation and order receipts.

Selecting a template

When you start creating your broadcast content, you’ll be presented with various templates.

Templates are sorted into categories:

  • My templates: templates you saved. This will be empty until you save your first template [Paid plans only - click here for paid plan benefits]

  • Product highlight: templates that show off your products, collections, and offers

  • Announcement: templates for sales, coupons, and special occasions

  • Blog update: templates that put the spotlight on your recent articles and latest news

  • Seasonal: you guessed it, all things Black Friday, winter holidays, and other joyful events

  • Other: mystery choice! These templates may be more flexible or less “targeted” in their goal, but are still helpful 

You can preview any template you want.

Once you select a template, click on “Apply to email”. 

Using a template

Once you’ve clicked on “Apply to email”, the template you selected will load in your email editor.

You can edit the template as if it was a regular email.

New to our email editor? Click here for some help.

Changing templates

You have the right to change your mind! If you want to use another template, you can. Click on “Actions” and “Apply new template”.

Heads up! Applying a new template to your email means you’ll lose the changes you made. You can’t revert this action, so make sure this is what you want to do.

Saving a template

You’ve built a great email. Now you want to save it as a template for later. To do so, click on “Actions” and “Save as template.”

If this is your first template, you can simply enter a name for it and click “Save”.

If you already have personal templates, you can overwrite one of them. For instance, let’s assume you had a template called “Spring Newsletter”. You create a new email and decide that it would be a better fit for your Spring newsletter, so you can overwrite your existing “Spring Newsletter” template from the dropdown.

Note that once you’ve saved the template you’re working on, you’ll have to save any subsequent changes you make to the email. To keep the changes within the same template, simply overwrite the one you just created.

Deleting a template

To delete a template you’ve created, you can simply click on the trash icon that appears while hovering over the template thumbnail.

You can’t delete Jilt’s prebuilt templates.

⚠️ Note that deleting custom templates is irreversible! Please make sure this is what you intend to do.

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