Can I access my templates somewhere else than within my broadcasts?

Not for the moment. The best way to view all of your templates and edit it is to create a broadcast. Then you can play around with your templates and delete the broadcast afterwards to keep things neat.

How do I edit one of my templates?

To edit one of your templates, create a broadcast. Then create the email content using one of your templates, which you can find under the “my templates” tab.

Once you’re satisfied with your new email, click on “save as template” under the “Actions” button. If you want to overwrite the template you were editing, make sure to select the “overwrite” option and choose the template name that you want to overwrite.

For more details on how to use templates, check out this helpful article.

Are templates available for automation and order receipts?

No. You can duplicate emails within the same automation or order receipt type to reuse common themes for that email sequence.

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