Many of us have been affected by the Coronavirus pandemic, and we'd love to do what we can to help support your business during this time of uncertainty.

ℹī¸ If your business has been affected, please get in touch with our team to let us know — we're happy to work with you to ensure you can continue to use Jilt and come out stronger on the other side of this!

If you need to temporarily suspend or pause your Jilt account, you can do so while keeping your data saved by downgrading to our free plan. We do have a couple extra tips to make it easy for you to resume later:

Archive your active contacts

First: filter your contact list to view all currently active Jilt contacts. You can do so using the "Filter" action at the top, and filtering by "contact billing status".

You can choose everyone at once by clicking Select all NNN contacts. 

Add a new, unique tag to all of your selected contacts (perhaps something like 2020-april-archive).

Now archive all contacts, as you've flagged who was active successfully.

You can now safely downgrade to Jilt's free plan. It may take a few minutes to archive all contacts, but once they've been archived, you can visit Settings > My account and click "Downgrade to free plan". We'll keep your data for as long as needed!

When you're ready to resume

When you're ready to use Jilt again, your contacts and other data will be waiting. 🙂 Now you'll essentially do the same thing in reverse.

  1. First, go to Settings > My account and upgrade to the premium plan. 
  2. Then, filter your contact list to find contacts whose tags include 2020-april-archive (or whichever unique tag you used before archiving them).
  3. Select all contacts in the list, and use the actions to activate them.

Now your account has been restored to its previous state, and you can resume emailing all of your reactivated contacts! 🎉

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