What is MailMunch?

MailMunch is a fantastic tool to grow your email list. MailMunch lets you create beautiful opt-in forms and landing pages to quickly capture email leads.

MailMunch supports a wide variety of forms, from popups to embedded forms, top bars, and slide boxes. Each form is really easy to customize. Features, such as when exactly a form should appear, or A/B testing, are supported, making MailMunch an incredible lead generation tool!

How the integration works

When MailMunch captures an email lead, it can send that lead to other tools. Jilt is able to receive these leads from MailMunch!

We'll go over how to do it for forms and landing pages.


When you create a form in MailMunch, you'll have to configure the fields you want the form to capture.

Make sure to add all of the fields you want to have available later in Jilt, such as First Name, Last Name, etc.

Once you're ready to integrate your form, select Jilt at the bottom of the integration list.

A Jilt popup window will appear, asking you to login to Jilt. You'll then be asked to authorize MailMunch.

Once you're done, your Jilt information will populate into MailMunch. 

You can configure the following settings:

  • If you have more than one Jilt stores, choose the one you want to send your MailMunch leads to

  • (Optional) You can choose an existing list to which your MailMunch leads will be added

  • (Optional) You can also add tags to your leads. This is useful to differentiate where the leads are coming from. For instance, you can add "form-1" or "form-2" as tags.

Match Fields
To ensure that Jilt maps your form fields to the correct Jilt fields, you must select which MailMunch fields correspond to your Jilt fields.

Note that we advise you to separate First Name and Last Name in your MailMunch forms, since Jilt has separate fields for each.

You're ready to publish your form! 🎉

As soon as a lead signs up through your form, you'll see it in Jilt.

These contacts will have accepts_marketing = true in Jilt, and will have the tags / lists that are specified in the MailMunch campaign associated with them, too.

You can set up a Jilt automation to automatically send an email based on the list and/or the tag that the contact has. You can also send a broadcast once in a while, targeting all of your MailMunch leads!

They'll also show "MailMunch" as the contact's signup source, which allows for further segmentation of your marketing emails.

Landing Pages

Landing pages work exactly the same as Forms. The only difference is that you'll select which fields your MailMunch landing page captures under the "Design" section.

Additional notes

Once you've chosen Jilt as an integration once, you won't need to login again 😄 When you select Jilt, your account option will appear.

You're now ready to email folks who have funneled into your list through an MailMunch lead capture form or landing page! We hope you enjoy this extension. Here is to growing your contact list using MailMunch and Jilt! 🚀

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