Along with 30+ pre-built templates, Jilt offers layout templates. Layout templates are designed to help you craft the perfect email for a given occasion, without the added layer of colors or images.

Selecting a layout template

In the template selector, you can filter templates by "Layouts" to see the layout templates. This is possible in each template category.

Using a template

The layout templates work very similarly to the pre-built templates. You can read more about general template usage here. However, they have a few differences. 

How do I replace a product picture?

Some of our templates, like the Weekly Sale template, use rows to highlight one of your products.

If you wish to replace the picture that is automatically selected with another picture of your choice, follow these steps:

  • Select the picture you want to replace

  • In the right panel, toggle the "Dynamic image" so that it's not selected

  • Then using the "change image" button, select the image you want to use

  • Save your email

Note that if you're replacing the default picture with one of your own, you should verify it matches the product title and price as well 🙂

To update these, simply remove the Liquid (ex: "{{ top_products[0].title }}") and replace it with the name you want.

How do I update a dynamic text?

You might have noticed that we use a very powerful tool in our emails called Liquid. Liquid enables you to automatically pull information, such as your customers' name.

But there are situations where you might want to replace this dynamic text with your own. 

To replace the dynamic text with static text, simply remove the Liquid (ex: {{ contact.first_name }}) and replace it with your own (ex: "my awesome customers"). Note that all emails will contain your new static text, no matter who they are sent out to!

To change the dynamic text to another dynamic text, you can update the Liquid by using a different merge tag.

For instance, say you're using our Weekly Sale template. Instead of showing the top product at the beginning of the email, you want to your newest product. 

You can replace the Liquid {{ top_products[0].title }} with the Liquid: {{ new_products[0].title }}. Make sure to replace it everywhere! This means for the price, the button URL, as well as the picture dynamic URL.  

How do I update a discount code URL?

To ensure your customers can use your discounts, you'll have to update two things in your email templates: 

  1. Replace the "ENTER_CODE" text with the name of your discount code

  2. Replace the URL for your buttons with a discount URL

For Shopify stores, the discount URL you can use is yourURL?discount=ENTER_CODE. Replace yourURL with your store URL, like Replace ENTER_CODE with your discount code. For instance, if your discount code is HappyDays, you can use for any link you need.

For WooCommerce stores, the discount URL you can use is yourURL?coupon=ENTER_CODE. Replace yourURL with your store URL and ENTER_CODE with your discount code. For instance, if your discount code is Sunshine, you can use

To read more about discounts, head here.

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